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Concrete Floor Coating, Sealing and Polishing Service

Concrete Floor Coating and Sealing
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Concrete Floor Coating and Sealing

Protecting a concrete floor with a specialized coating system creates a surface that provides protection against chemical attack, deterioration, contamination, moisture vapor emissions and thermal cycling. Certain floor coating systems impart non-skid and slip resistant characteristics to help shield against costly workplace falls while other systems provide a smooth non-porous surface that is easily cleaned. PolySeal Coating Solutions offers concrete floor coating and sealing services utilizing materials that include epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas, electrostatic dissipation coatings, polymer cement-based overlays and thin film sealers.

We provide industrial and commercial floor coating applications consisting of fluid applied flooring, seamless flooring, waterproofing membranes, concrete resurfacing, polished concrete and stained concrete. Our coating systems are environmentally friendly and VOC compliant. Typical installation techniques include squeegee and back roll, gauge rake, pumping and spraying. Curing of the coating system is dependent on the type of material used and can be achieved by air movement, moisture induction, catalyzation and polymerization. All of our coating services include pre-coating preparation of the substrate such as shot blasting, diamond grinding, crack detailing and joint filling. We routinely perform pre-installation substrate testing to check moisture vapor emission rate (MVER/MVT), hardness, surface profile, and adhesion to ensure that the finished coating meets the standards and requirements of the application.polished concrete exposed aggregate

We also offer concrete polishing which you've likely seen in large hardware stores, grocery stores & other retail establishments. To begin the process we remove the top layer of concrete or "cream", which is approximately 1/16 of an inch. Once we reach this fresh layer, we use industry densifiers to harden the concrete. At this point the floor can be further polished to a smooth, durable, slip resistant surface. Once your concrete is polished, densified, and properly sealed, your polished concrete floor will be ready to go!

PolySeal's floor coating, sealing & polishing services produce floors that can stand up to the most rigorous environments. Our trusted team of highly trained professionals is here to meet and exceed your expectations for quality, durability and service. Protect your investment and put us to work for you today!

To learn more about our services, please see the table below or contact us for more information.

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Concrete Floor Coating and Sealing Capabilities

General Capabilities

Concrete Floor Coating, Sealing & Polishing
Deck Coating

Typical Applications Garage & Shop Floors
Warehouses & Loading Docks
Food & Beverage Plants
Restaurant Kitchens
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
Chemical Storage Areas
Coating Technologies Epoxies
Novolacs and Phenolics
Polyureas & Polysiloxanes
Electrostatic Dissipation Coatings
Thin Film Sealers
Substrate Concrete
Polished Concrete
Stained Concrete
Safety Coatings
Seamless Flooring
Fluid Applied Flooring
Coating Characteristics Slip Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Moisture Vapor Emission Resistant
VOC Compliant
Flame Resistant
FDA / USDA Approvals
Pre-Coating Preparation Shot Blasting
Diamond Grinding
Crack Detailing
Isolation / Control Joint Filling
Auto Scrubbing
Application Process Squeegee & Backroll
Curing Moisture
Additional Services Abrasive Blasting
Pressure Washing
Interior Painting
Testing Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER / MVT)
Surface Profile
Typical Lead Time 10 Working Days
Rush Service Available
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Additional Information

Industry Focus Industrial
Power Plants
Pulp & Paper Mills
Water & Waste Water Treatment Facilities
Industry Standards NACE International
SSPC (The Society For Protective Coatings)
MPI (Master Painters Institute)
OSHA Confined Space Certified
Manufacturer Certifications Sherwin Williams
General Polymers
American Industrial

100% Solids Self Leveling Epoxy System
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100% Solids Self Leveling Epoxy System
Chemical Resistant Epoxy System
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Chemical Resistant Epoxy System
Epoxy & Polyurethane System
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Epoxy & Polyurethane System
Epoxy Resurfacer with Slip Resistant Additive System
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Epoxy Resurfacer with Slip Resistant Additive System
Polished Concrete
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Polished Concrete
Stained Concrete
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Stained Concrete
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